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Track Name Price Vorbis MP3 OPUS FLAC Play Buy

Edge Of Lunacy D $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
There And Back Again D $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
My Pain D $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
Rage D $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
After Me (unreleased) D $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
Chunk (After Me, 2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Aphrodisiac (2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Epic (Day Of Rain, 2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Insanity's Realm (2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Nameless (2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
There And Back Again (2002) I C $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Good Clean Fun I J $0   MP3     Play  
Losing My Soul I J $0 OGG MP3 OPUS FLAC Play  
Aphrodisiac (experimental ending) I J $0 OGG       Play  
Wrapped In Thorns (partial mix) I J $0   MP3     Play  
There And Back Again L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Insanity's Realm L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Nameless L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
After Me L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
All Alone L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Edge Of Lunacy L $0 OGG MP3     Play  
Day Of Rain L $0 OGG MP3     Play  

Tag meanings:
- L: A current version of a song that was recorded live at one of our shows. Quality is usually low.
- D: A studio recording of a song meant to be used as a promotional device. Quality is good, but not album release level.
- I: Instrumental.
- C: A computer was used to generate the drum track on these recordings.
- J: A clip from a jam or rehearsal session. Generally an unedited recording including mistakes. Quality can range from terrible to near studio.

If you have Java installed in your browser, or your browser is HTML5 compliant and supports OGG Vorbis, you can also play the OGG Vorbis version within the browser window by clicking on the "Play" button. Please allow some time for the music to start playing while the audio stream is being buffered by your browser. You may need to scroll to the bottom of this page to access the player controls during playback.

The music of Delusional Mind is hard to put into a single category. It runs the spectrum from heavy metal, to southern rock, to music with a jazz and blues feel. Delusional Mind is not about a type of music, but more an idea of music. Our music is all original.

Feel free to play or download any of the songs above, or listen to them on our internet radio stations accessible in the top-left corner of this site.

We released our demo CD, entitled Death Grip, on November 8, 2008. The songs on that demo are the first four available for download above.


Please see our licensing terms for more details about limits on the use and copying of our music.

Wondering what all this OGG, MP3, OPUS, and FLAC stuff is? Please see our explanation of file types.

We support Vorbis (ogg), Opus, and FLAC audio compression technologies for their open and free philosophy and superior sound quality for a given file size. We provide our free songs in the inferior and closed mp3 format as well.

Songs purchased from Delusional Mind are provided in OGG and FLAC formats only. The licensing fees to sell MP3 versions are simply prohibitive. We may have MP3 versions for sale through online retailers at some point since they have paid the royalties already.

If you need an MP3 version of one of our songs we recommend you download the FLAC version and reencode it to MP3. The FLAC version is the same as a version ripped from a CD and therefore you can produce any quality of mp3 file you like.

If you are running Windows and want to play OGG Vorbis and FLAC files in Windows Media Player, you can download the Windows codecs, absolutely free, from Most media player software supports OGG and FLAC natively. Many portable MP3 players support OGG and FLAC, but many do not (including the ipod). For those you will need to transcode the FLAC file to MP3 yourself. Delusional Mind would love to provide MP3 versions of our songs for sale, but the royalty costs would require us to sell thousands of albums just to break even on the royalty payments alone.


Our next production was to be an album titled "Insanity's Realm". It is no longer being produced.

We provide printable album covers, inserts with lyrics, and CD labels so you can make your own official CD's. You can access the artwork, CD inserts, and lyrics we have released by clicking the Album Art and Lyrics link below.

Album Art and Lyrics

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