Edge Of Lunacy

Edge Of Lunacy was originally called Death March before we had lyrics. John, Rick, and Bob wrote the song in the early 2000's. The bridge and solo sections were written and added in 2007 when we added Russ to the band and he and John added lyrics.

Edge Of Lunacy was one of DM's staples and was played at virtually every show. We even chose it to close our first show since it's energy and grit seemed like a perfect exclamation point to end the show with and it always got a good reaction from the fans. This made it a no brainer that we also wanted the song to anchor our demo, landing it as the last track on the CD to drive home the experience.

The lyrics are a commentary on the horrors of war, the power brokers who wage them, and the varied mentalities of those who fight them.

It was recorded in 2008 in Bob's basement. The recording was done using a mix of mic and line inputs on all electric instruments and 6 mics on the drums. The recording was done using a Lexicon Omega USB audio interface. The tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered using Ardour Digital Audio Workstation running on Linux. Rick recorded his part to a click track generated in Ardour. Ryan then recorded the drums to the click track and Rick's track, then the rest of the members recorded to subsequent raw mixes of the already captured tracks. Usually several runs were recorded as separate tracks and then the best selected in the final mix.

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