There And Back Again

There And Back Again was named shortly after the original melodies and song structure came together. It gained it's name because we purposefully made the sections of the song progress forward in a certain order, then backward, ending with the same riff that started the song. It was written in the early 2000's primarily in 2002 to 2003. The original music was written by Rick Faulkner, John Ward, and Bob Faulkner. Drums were added by Ryan Judkins, and minor additions to add room for Russ to solo and harmonize were added by Russell Eldridge.

Once we had the song and it's name, Bob set upon the task of writing lyrics. He pondered topics he had experience with that would make a good subject and which fits the concept. He decided to write about an acid trip. The lyrics chronicle the thoughts and experiences of a person from the moment of dropping the hit, through peaking, then coming down. It offers an insight into the motives, thoughts, and perceptual experiences involved with the use of LSD.

There And Back Again stood alone as DM's longest song at just over 6 minutes for quite some time. It was surpassed in length in 2008 by Wrapped In Thorns which is almost 7 minutes.

There And Back Again was chosen to be the 2nd song on our demo CD since it demonstrates our early heavy metal influences and includes great examples of harmony, melody, and rhythm.

It was recorded in 2008 in Bob's basement. The recording was done using a mix of mic and line inputs on all electric instruments and 6 mics on the drums. The recording was done using a Lexicon Omega USB audio interface. The tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered using Ardour Digital Audio Workstation running on Linux. Rick recorded his part to a click track generated in Ardour. Ryan then recorded the drums to the click track and Rick's track, then the rest of the members recorded to subsequent raw mixes of the already captured tracks. Usually several runs were recorded as separate tracks and then the best selected in the final mix.

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