Losing My Soul

This is a song we wrote back in the late 1990's. It was recorded in late 2000 to early 2001. The exact date is lost to us. This clip represented our first real effort to put together a song and get it recorded.

The song was originally named after Rick's now ex-wife and has been since renamed to the current version.

This is another example of the softer side of our influences.

This session was recorded with all guitars and bass running a direct line into a Peavey Unity 2002 16 channel mixer. The drums were miced with several cheap mics and fed into the same mixer and the mixed analog output from that was recorded on a dedicated computer owned by Robert Riness.

The musicians are Rick Faulkner playing the rhythm, John Ward playing lead, Robert Riness on drums, and Bob Faulkner on bass.

This sound file is Copyright 2000, John Ward, Richard Faulkner, Bob Faulkner, Robert Riness.

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