The Beginning:

The early roots of Delusional Mind start back in 1992. Three friends got together to form a band. These members were Gray Sarandos on rhythm guitar, John Ward on lead guitar, and Bob Faulkner on bass. These 3 friends formed the very first incarnation of the band. Both Bob and Gray were new musicians where John had been playing for several years at that point. This group only played together for a short period of about a year when Gray decided to stop actively pursuing music.

This left John and Bob looking for new musicians to work with. These 2 would form the nucleus of the band as it developed through the years.

The Early Years:

Around this time Bob had met another musician named Robert Riness who played the drums. After jamming together a few times Robert was invited into the band. These 3 jammed regularly until Robert moved to Texas after about a year and a half. After Robert left the scene the band became fairly inactive. John and Bob still jammed together but it was much more casual during this period. Robert moved back about a year later and mainly jammed with Bob on occassion. This situation carried on until 1998.

The Formation:

Bob rented a house with a basement. Robert moved in as his roommate and John, Robert and Bob set up the basement as a jam studio. They began to jam regularly again and invited Bob's brother, Rick Faulkner, who'd been playing guitar since the early 80's over to jam with them. After a few good sessions the 4 decided to become a band. The jamming came at a rapid pace. The group mulled over names for the band and for a brief time were called "The Untogether" as a joke poking fun at themselves for being unable to come up with a name and the frequency with which they would all go off on a tangent playing completely different things all at once between songs.

The Transition:

This group held together and worked almost continually through July of 2002, when Robert decided to leave the scene. The band had decided on a name, and became Delusional Mind. Once Robert left the remaining members set out to write and record their music, making it available to the public. As the band lost it's drummer they moved over to using a computer to fill the position in recording sessions.

Taking the Stage and the End:

The band ran in this mode up to and through most of 2006 when they invited Ryan Judkins into the band to add his talents in percussion to the Delusional Mind. The next 8 months were spent writing new music and recording their older material again to take advantage of improvements in their mastering abilities.

Delusional Mind became complete in July of 2007 as the 5th and final member joined the fold. The long missing vocals position was finally filled by Russell Eldridge. This injection of energy and talent into the band really cranked up the heat. The band played their first show within 3 months of Russell's joining. That show was on The Masquerade's Heaven stage in Atlanta, GA on October 13, 2007.

The band spent the next 5 months playing shows and working on new material. After the show on March 7, 2008 the band stopped playing shows in order to hammer out new material and get their demo recorded. This effort resulted in the release of their demo CD titled "Death Grip" on November 8, 2008.

The band returned to the stage in February of 2009. The band played a series of shows during the spring and fall of 2009 and then retired. The band is currently defunct and exists only as an entity under which we may occasionally release various project related bits.

Record of public performances:

Band members through time: