Delusional Mind outside The Masquerade 10/13/07
Delsional Mind

Delusional Mind is:
(left to right)

John Ward (Guitar, Vocals)
Bob Faulkner (Bass)
Ryan Judkins (Percussion)
Rick Faulkner (Guitar, Vocals)
Russell Eldridge (Vocals, Guitar)

Delusional Mind was a band whose activity spanned 1992-2009. Most of that time was spent as a garage band which culminated in a 2 year foray into the local Atlanta scene and a demo album, and then retirement. For a history of the band see our history page.

This site exists as a shrine to what once was.


You have found the official web site for the band Delusional Mind. A band based out of Atlanta, GA. USA.

For news visit our Fan Forum.

This site is designed, written, and hosted by Bob Faulkner.

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Delusional Mind 10/13/07

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