You may purchase Delusional Mind merchandise and show tickets from our web site.
Due to the cost associated with having a 3rd party signing authority sign our SSL certificates, ($400/year) we self sign our own. When you click the link below you will be directed to our own secure server. You will get a notice stating there is a problem with the certificate we are using. It's simply a warning that the certificate is not signed by a commercial signing authority. You should examine the certificate and verify it is signed by Treborlogic, the entity which hosts our site. The traffic between your computer and ours will still be encrypted in spite of the warnings. Accept the certificate (add an exception, etc) and proceed with your order normally. If using Internet Explorer and it generates a blocked content notice, just allow the blocked content. When the site refreshes you can enter the shop normally. If you are using Internet Explorer and it's configured to completely block access to any site which hasn't payed the trust extortion fees you will need to add to your list of trusted sites.

You will need to go into Internet Options, select Security, select the Trusted Zone, and add a site to the zone using as the URL. If you wish, you may remove the entry once your shopping is complete.

Payments are accepted only via Paypal, who has their own certificates and have paid the trust mafia. That transaction will not involve our servers. At no time will your billing information be transmitted to our servers. We simply receive an authenticated notice that the payment has been processed.

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